What is Muffun?

Muffin is a  sweet quick bread baked in a cup-shaped pan but not really a cup cake. It's something which we can  usually enjoy as mid morning snack or in the evening. Muffin is easy to cook and time saving savory snacks for all aged people.

Muffin varies in its taste, shape and size. In different countries it's known as different name. Foe example, The muffin is known as "English Muffin"  outside the United Kingdom, In France it's known as "Moufflet" and  in most of  the Asian countries it's called "American Muffin". Some people call it cup cake however it's look like a cup cake but differs in its taste. You can add ingredients according to your taste and availability. Sometimes you can add ,fruits green vegetables or even cheese to bring a change in your taste. If you're in diet or diabetic patients then you can avoid sugar and add any substitutes for an appetite for life.

So, invent new to bring some change in your life. There are different recipes of muffin considering different people, age and tastes. So enjoy Muffin and baked more.

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